Asiatique Sky

Operating Hours

5:00 pm - 12:00 am, daily

How to get there

  • Asiatique

Ascend to new heights in Asiatique Sky for a bird's eye view of Bangkok.

With the opening of Asiatique in 2012, Bangkok joined the ranks of global cities with giant Ferris wheels. The Asiatique Sky, while nowhere near the tallest Ferris wheel in height, is still an impressive sight to behold. At 60 meters, the wheel is easily the one of the tallest features along the Chao Phraya river south of Saphan Taksin bridge. As a result, it has become a landmark for many traveling on the river by boat.

Asiatique Sky, designed by and assembled by European company Dutch wheels, offers 42 comfortable gondolas for people of all ages to settle in. Rides start at 5 pm, which means there is a limited timeslot one can view the city before sunset. Feeling frugal? Purchase a normal ticket and slip in with the company of strangers for your ride. Need privacy? Tickets for a private gondola for two people are available.

The wheel on the river will take you on 3-4 cycles of smooth ascent and descent. So take in the marvelous views of Bangkok at your own leisure and get happy snapping photographs for memories.

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