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Bangkok’s highest technology and newest convention centres are being built on Bangkok River. These join a host of great ballrooms, meeting rooms, venues and attractions.

Doing Business on Bangkok River

The Bangkok River Partners offer a wealth of facilities for any type of meeting, incentive, conference, or event. The diverse and flexible venues provide local and international planners an opportunity to hold incredible and impactful riverside functions. The destination boasts a combined total of more than a hundred ballrooms and meeting rooms and the ability to accommodate thousands of guests, is joining Bangkok River Partners. All function rooms are equipped the latest audiovisual equipment, allowing for easy coordination and communication. With the new addition of state-of-the-art True ICONSIAM auditorium to the existing partner venues, Bangkok River has become the perfect place with world-class infrastructure and stellar management teams to meet the demands of any event, large or small.

Avoid the common logistical challenges

By selecting Bangkok River properties, you and your delegates avoid the common logistical challenges associated with other locations in Bangkok. Land transportation is smoother as the hotels are located away from dense high-traffic urban centers. With river shuttle services as an alternative mode of transportation, the river itself becomes a highway essentially free from vehicular jams. These river shuttles connect directly to Bangkok’s train network, making transfers between boat and train extremely convenient. Attendees need not go far to find entertainment that is akin to those in the inner city. Restaurants, cultural sights and sounds, and authentic local experiences are within reach up and down the river and its adjacent communities. A clear advantage over the city centers is that Bangkok’s historic treasures are in abundance along the river.

Making Smart Business Decisions Easy

Professional events teams in each of the partner venues are ready to work hand-in-hand with you to produce events that meet and go beyond your expectations. Responsiveness, timeliness, and problem-solving skills are the hallmarks of these teams and contribute to the pleasure of conducting business on the banks of the Chao Phraya River.

There is no reason to consider any other location in the City of Angels. MICE requires smart business decisions and Bangkok River Partners venues and hotels are compelling choices for meetings and conferences that seek to add value and leave strong lasting impressions on participants.

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