About Grand Postal Office

The Grand Postal Office is an imposing monument in intimate Bangrak with a bright future as an events location.

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The world is changing rapidly. People are looking at their phones more than talking to each other.

We want to stop that, so we’re bringing people together to enjoy World Music. It’s music that you will dance together, get to know each other, and cherish the cultural diversity!!!

On the 1st of February, enjoy the dancing circle from Black Tai tribal music.
6 – 7 PM

On the 2nd February, See yod band will be your travel companion and take you to other Asian countries through their music.
7 – 8 PM

See you both day at the front of Grand Postal Service Building. FREE!!!
MAP: https://goo.gl/maps/hXv9GjYFq4zaHLqKA


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