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Wed 22 July 2015

Developed by best-selling author Paul Emery, award winning QEPR will quickly help you manage your negative emotions, to quit smoking, lose weight or reduce any stress related muscular ache, pain, stiffness and headache. Successfully treating thousands of people from all walks of life from traumatized war veterans, anxious mothers and angry teenagers to stressed CEO’s QEPR helps:

Stress – Worry – Anxiety–- Anger – Sadness – Grief – Fears/Phobias – Frustration –
Depression – Love Pain – Guilt – Food/Other Cravings – Emotional Eating – Quit Smoking –
Neck/Shoulder/Back Aches, Pains, Stiffness or Headaches

QEPR is based on decades of proven scientific research and incorporates the best cutting-edge psychological methods developed over the past 40 years. Through the use of touch, positive chemical changes occur within the brain and by tapping specific points on the body, unwanted emotions are released.

After treatment, Paul’s clients report being emotionally stronger, lighter, more relaxed, happier and confident allowing them to lead better lives. Importantly, Paul also empowers his clients by demonstrating simple, yet effective life-enhancing tools that can be self applied anytime, anyplace for a life-time of continued emotional support, stability and happiness.

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