How to get there

  • Drive or taxi to Mandarin Oriental, parking available
  • Take the Mandarin Oriental shuttle boat from Sathorn Pier

About Sala Rim Naam

Housed in a Northern Thai styled pavilion on the river, Sala Rim Naam offers a unique cultural experience.

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We welcome the arrival of summer with a traditional Thai delicacy known as Khao Chae, which features of chilled rice in jasmine-scented water served with condiments.

Guest may enjoy this delightful dish at Sala Rim Naam, The Verandah and The Mandarin Oriental Shops from 1 – 30 April 2018.

Khao Chae has its origins in the legends of the Mon people, who first created this special dish as a gift for the Gods during Songkran (Thai New Year). Under King Chulalongkorn, Khao Chae became a favourite in the Palace, and in 1910 it was enjoyed throughout the country. Come and enjoy this delicious treat that combines sweet jasmine-scented water with the distinctive flavours of fried sweet pepper, deep-battered salted egg, stuffed shallot, fried shrimp paste, sweet fish, salty beef and pickled vegetables and fruits including cucumber and mango.

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