Wall Injection: Bangrak


Tue 15 December 2015 - Wed 6 January 2016

Luke Satoru (a Bangkok based muralist) and The Creative District are reaching into the Bangrak community! Help fund raise for the very first crowdfunded river area-focused project “Wall Injection: Bangrak” aimed at promoting art within Bangrak community and creating of a wall mural designed and painted with community members.

In January 2016 Luke Satoru and The Creative District are hosting a mural painting workshop series for community members and supporters of the campaign of all ages. Participants (Bangrak community members and campaign contributors) will attend four workshops over two days (9th and 16th January 2016) with large-scale painter Luke Satoru to learn about the mural process and paint the mural together on a wall in Bangrak district at Wat Muang Kae (23rd-24th January). The efforts of all will culminate in a grand unveiling of the wall, which will coincide with BUKRUK II, Bangkok’s largest street art festival. Guests of BUKRUK II will be able to visit our wall and the community of Bangrak will be invited to our final event on 31st January.

To realize this goal, Luke and The Creative District must meet its goal on its Asiola crowdfunding platform. Register at Asiola to pledge your chosen amount by 6th January and get awesome rewards in return after the campaign reaches its goals.

For questions, email Luke at Satoru.C@gmail.com, Atty at atty@attagallery.com or Thanan at t.lilaonitkul@gmail.com.

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