Visiting Bangkok River During COVID19


Mon 16 March - Sun 31 May 2020

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Bangkok River Partners is monitoring the situation in Thailand closely and will update our message accordingly to help keep you healthy and safe.

UPDATE 26 May:
The Siam has extended their closure until 31 July.

UPDATE 22 May:
Museums, historical parks, and other venues under the Fine Arts Department will reopen starting 22 May. For more details, please read The Nation Thailand | TAT News.

UPDATE 18 May:
River City Bangkok is now open daily from 11AM – 8PM.

UPDATE 17 May:
ICONSIAM is now open daily from 11AM – 8PM.

UPDATE 15 May:
The government has announced that more businesses, including shopping malls, computer stores, and restaurants in shopping centers to reopen starting 17 May. For more information, please read Bangkok Post | Khaosod English.

The restrictions around 10 areas of businesses and venues have been relaxed. Among the venues listed are hair salons, public parks, and restaurants. For the full list and details, please read: Bangkok Post | Khaosod English

UPDATE 27 April:
Emergency decree from 3 April has been extended to 31 May. This includes the continuation of the national curfew. For more information, please read: Bangkok Post.

UPDATE 3 April:
Because of the national curfew, the BTS Skytrain, MRT, and ARL (Airport Rail Link) services will now end operation at 9:30PM. For more information, please read: Bangkok Post | The Nation Thailand

UPDATE 2 April:
Starting 3 April until further notice, there is a national curfew from 10PM – 4AM, with some minor exceptions. Violation of the curfew is a fine up to 40,000 THB and/or up to 2 years in prison. For more information, please read: The Nation Thailand | Khaosod English | Bangkok Post
From 2 April to 15 April, Thailand will restrict all arrivals into the country for both foreigners and Thai nationals. For more information, please read: Bangkok Post | Khaosod English

UPDATE 1 April:
Until 30 April, all 24-hour supermarkets and grocery stores (including 7-Eleven) will stop operation from midnight – 5AM and all public and private owned parks will be closed. For more information, please read: Bangkok Post | Time Out Bangkok.

UPDATE 30 March:
• River City Bangkok is now closed until 30 April.
• The Peninsula is closed until 30 April and will reopen 1 May.

UPDATE 29 March:
• Co van Kessell Bike Tours will suspend all tours from now until 20 April. For more information, please see the Co van Kessel Bicycle website or their Facebook page.

UPDATE 27 March:
• The government order from 22 March will be extended from 12 April to 30 April and adds 5 more places to the original list to close. Restaurants (except for takeout and delivery), malls, bars, and others from the original order will remain closed. For more information please read: Bangkok Post | PR Thai Government | Thai PBS
• Starting 1 April, The Siam will be closed in response to the current COVID-19 situation.

UPDATE 26 March:
Due to the Emergency Decree in effect from 26 March – 30 April, all foreigners are prohibited from entering Thailand, with some exceptions. Thai nationals will be able to return with the right documentation. Large gatherings are restricted. Non-essential travel between provinces is strongly discouraged. All shops selling essential goods and services will remain open. For full details, please read: Bangkok Post | Khaosod English.

UPDATE 25 March:
All national parks and forest parks are closed to all visitors starting 25 March until further notice. For more details, please read: TAT News

UPDATE 22 March:
• All Bangkok River What’s On dining offers/promotions will be applicable to only guests of the respective hotel from 22 March to 12 April.
• River City Bangkok is closed from 22 March to 12 April.
• ICONSIAM is closed from 22 March to 12 April. Exceptions:
– G Floor – Dear Tummy Supermarket (open daily 11AM – 8PM)
– G Floor – 7-ELEVEN (open 24 hours)
– G Floor – Siam Takashimaya (open daily 11AM – 8PM)

Bangkok River Partners (BRP) is a passionate collective of hotels, restaurants and bars, shopping, entertainment and art centers that encourages locals and visitors alike to stay, work, and play in neighborhoods along the Chao Phraya River. Our mission is to help others experience an authentic Bangkok and create joyful memories during their time here.

With the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) now a global pandemic, our partners respectfully recognize the heightened community concern as a corollary to the fast-shifting situation. BRP is taking stringent action to prioritize the safety and wellbeing of our guests and staff in response to the need for responsible travel practices.

Hygiene measures by partners
Our partner establishments are not only open for business but are also taking steps to ensure hygiene protocols are being strictly followed so they can do their part in helping the community stay safe.

Partners are listening to the advice from both national and international health authorities in order to execute high standards of cleanliness. This includes, but is not limited to, cleaning all contact surfaces with high-quality disinfectants at regular intervals throughout the day, requiring staff to wear protective masks, and scanning body temperatures of individuals entering the premises to help detect potential cases. Each partner is taking extra steps tailored to the nature of their businesses as well.

Should you choose to visit our partner, you can be confident about going on with their regular activities inside the properties.

To find out more about what each partner is doing, visit their website or social media platforms to keep up with their efforts.

Travel tips around Bangkok
BRP advocates all locals and visitors to follow WHO’s guidance on protecting yourself and others during this time. This includes:

• Wash your hands frequently
• Maintain social distancing
• Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth
• Practice respiratory hygiene
• If you have a fever, cough, and difficulty breathing, seek medical care early
• Stay informed and follow the advice given by local healthcare provider

In Bangkok, locals are increasingly vigilant about practicing these hygiene routines. Public transportation bodies are strongly advising riders to wear masks purchasable at local pharmacies when using their services, including trains, boats, buses, and taxis. Most public establishments are offering free hand sanitizers to apply at entrances and exits.

Should you need to go to a healthcare institution to get help, you can take comfort in knowing that Thailand has one of the highest quality medical care systems in the world. Some of these are near the river.

To stay informed on the situation in Thailand, visit the Department of Disease Control’s dedicated page to local COVID-19 developments for the most current news and policies.

Visiting Bangkok River
Should you choose to visit Bangkok River, you will be happy to know that there are ways to enjoy the area while following the WHO’s guidance listed above.

Outdoor activities, such as BRP’s self-guided neighborhood walks, green space biking, or canal longtail boat tours, can offer social distancing while allowing one to enjoy the best of what the river and its districts have to offer. Non-crowded destinations, such as galleries and off-the-beaten-path cultural spaces, are destinations where one can cool off and explore the city with prudence.

BRP is monitoring the situation in Thailand closely and will update our message accordingly to help keep you healthy and safe.

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