Vintage Bangkok, on Your Bike


Mon 1 March - Fri 30 April 2021

10AM 6PM

About Kudi Jeen

Kudi Jeen's unique Eurasian heritage begs a trip of discovery to the area.

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Ready for a gentle ride around Bangkok’s most historic neighbourhoods, stopping off for lunch. Bikes are included or you can bring your own.

Led by local experts at Smiling Albino, this full-day city adventure covers a lot of ground. You’ll travel along a maze of small streets and hidden pathways so that you avoid much of the hustle and bustle of the modern city of Bangkok. Meeting up on the edge of Bangkok’s Creative District, you’ll make your way upriver through the European Quarter, into old markets of Talad Noi, to Rattanakosin Island, skirting the Grand Palace and Wat Pho as we go. Hopping on a cross-river ferry, you’ll return downriver through the small alleys on the Thonburi side of the city which was the capital of Siam prior to Bangkok. Some of the city’s oldest settlements are scattered along the riverside here and you’ll visit many hidden historical sites. Lunch will be a local specialty and by day’s end, you will have seen more of historical Bangkok than most residents have!

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