Unloveable : ชาตินี้ที่รักเราคงรักกันไม่ได้


Sat 30 November 2019 - Sun 12 January 2020

1PM - 7PM

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Unloveable: ชาตินี้ที่รักเราคงรักกันไม่ได้ by SK secret killer - Kata Sangkhae

Works of Kata Sangkhae usually express various feelings. At each stage of life, there are both external and internal factors affecting and disturbing the minds of artists. Kata often questions the problems that occur in our society such as politics, economy and quality of life of people in society. Using a variety of presentations, including installations, video works and sculptures. All of Katha’s work deals with a radical paradigm and fiercely questions authority. But the work still has the beauty of the Visual Element that attracts us to search for meaning. The artists questions can be likened to a metal rod hidden in a pillow to then being slammed into the authority’s face. And the authority in our sick logical society, it means all levels of society, an institution of family, schools, temples, government agencies, and even private organizations.

This time the role of “SK” Secret Killer is the identity “Kata” created “Becoming” a rap artist who writes rap songs from life pressure due to factors from people close to him and other parts of politics. Because the Hip Hop music genre was born under pressure and lacking freedom of expression. Finally, when interpreting his art more seriously, it feels like being hit with a heavy question. In each level of love and relationships, Who are the persons really controlling us?

[Introduction and exhibition article by Noraset Vaisayakul]

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