Unlock Your Mind


Wed 14 - Thu 22 February 2018

10AM - 10PM

How to get there

  • Taxi to The Siam Hotel
  • Take the complimentary The Siam Shuttle Boat from Sathorn Pier, reservation is essential. Please call 022066999

About Opium Spa

Opium Spa heals you while striking you visually with architectural and decorative beauty.

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Unlock your mind with Rosan, THInK® (ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge) certified Theta Healing Practitioner, to discover a whole new you.

Theta Healing 60 minutes | THB 3,500++
This transformative healing modality identifies and releases the hidden programs or limiting beliefs that are the root cause of life challenges – health, relationships well as other issues. The modality uses muscle-testing and energetic scanning of the body, working with the quantum energy level to change the core beliefs and feelings to empowering ones.

Emotional Release Therapy 45 minutes | THB 4,500++
Emotional release therapy facilitates the release of lingering emotions in a gentle and loving manner by using the application of essential oils on specific ear points and clearing statements.

Private Yoga Class 60 minutes | THB 3,300++
Kundalini Yoga, Yin Yoga or Vinyasa Yoga

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