The New-ist Vibes


Sat 27 January - Sun 4 February 2018

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About Creative District

Bangkok's blooming Creative District is set to be the center of creative Bangkokians' universe.

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Having successfully staged three design weeks in Chiangmai, TCDC will host the inaugural creative & design festival in Bangkok in 2018 centered in Bangkok's Creative District, with satellite exhibitions in other parts of Bangkok connected by BTS & MRT.

This year’s venues include: TCDC Postal Building, The Jam Factory, Warehouse 30, Lhong 1919, COMMDE Chula, Siam Discovery, and Central Embassy. The Showcase & Exhibition will take place at River City Bangkok 1st Floor Artery and 2nd Floor Galleria.

Bangkok Design Week 2018 explores the theme of “the NEW-ist Vibes”, inviting the Thai creative & design community to share fresh and insightful visions of Bangkok, providing visitors to peer into the future of the capital in three spheres: city & living, wellbeing & gastronomy, and creative business.

Designers, thinkers, entrepreneurs, producers, artists and creative workforces are invited to be part of the Bangkok’s next step to the creative economy. Registration for design showcase and creative program is now open. Please check preparation and submission manual for more details: program.bkkdw@tcdc.or.th

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