The Knack Market: December


Sat 30 November - Sun 1 December 2019

4PM-9PM each day

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About The Jam Factory

The Jam Factory is a café, a homeware store, a gallery, a restaurant, a bookshop, and an office, all in one on the river.

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The Knack Market offers fresh local foods, handcrafted products, concerts and activities in the grounds of the funky Jam Factory.

At The Knack Market you will find products filled with new creative ideas, accessories for home, decorative and designs items, old books, vintage clothing and street food. In an atmosphere of freedom reminiscent of the 70’s, spread out on the lawn and listen to live music or stretch-out in a yoga class.

The Knack Market happens Saturday – Sunday from 16:00 to 21:00 hrs. If you would like your own booth please read these directions.

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