The Iconic Candle Festival


Fri 12 - Wed 17 July 2019

10M - 10PM; For Opening Ceremony Details See Below



How to get there

  • Take the BTS train to Saphan Taksin BTS Station.
  • Head to Sathorn Pier via Saphan Taksin BTS Station Exit 2.
  • Take the ICONSIAM free shuttle boat available 9:00 am – 11:00 pm daily every 10 minutes.

About River Park at ICONSIAM

River Park is ICONSIAM’s stylish response to Bangkokians’ increasing demand for public space on the waterfront.

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ICONSIAM marks Buddhist Lent with The ICONIC Candle Festival, an elaborated carved-candle showcase on the riverside, from 12-17 July at ICONSIAM.

Come celebrate Buddhist Lent and Thailand’s unique Candle Festival the with The ICONIC Candle Festival, from 12-17 July at ICONSIAM, with an aim to preserve the country’s traditional candle procession and the art of candle carving from master craftsmen.

At this cultural event, award-winning carved candles from the 2018 contest from Ubon Ratchathani – the famed city of the crafted candle ceremony, will be showcased on the Chao Phraya riverside together with 77 exquisitely-carved wax candles, representing 77 temples from each province of the country. Buddhists are encouraged to bring small candles used in their daily prayer for donations. All 77 carved candles along with all the donated candles will be given to temples in needs across 77 provinces.

The event will also feature contemporary Isaan performances that include dance, music and literature called “Pouring Hearts of all Thai for the candle worship.”

At the opening ceremony on 12 July 2019 at 5PM, visitors will also enjoy a contemporary Issan or North-Eastern Thailand dance performance led by leading actress Nuttanicha ‘Nychaa’ Dungwattanawanich with stunning Chao Pharaya riverside view at River Park, ICONSIAM.

At Rasada Hall on the 1st Floor, will be an exhibition on the history of Khao Pansa Day or Buddhist Lent, a candle carving demonstration from craftsmen from Ubon Ratchathani, and a wax candle flower workshop made with Portia Tree fruit, these flowers are used to decorate castle wax offerings as part of Isaan’s tradition during the end of Buddhist Lent.

At Suralai Hall on the 7th Floor, from 12-14 July at 13.00 hrs, sermons will be given as a dedication to His Majesty King Mahavajiralongkorn for his 67th birthday on 28 July.

Visitors are encouraged to dress in traditional Thai costumes to join The Iconic Candle Festival from 12-17 July at ICONSIAM, Charoen Nakhon Road. Admission is free. For more information, please contact ICONSIAM using the contact details provided.

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