How to get there

  • Take the skytrain to Saphan Taksin BTS Station.
  • Take an orange flag Chao Phraya Express Boat to Si Phaya Pier (N3).
  • Walk 5 minutes to ATT 19.

About ATT 19

ATT 19 is multidisciplinary retail, art, and exhibition space breathing even more artistic vibrancy into the Creative District.

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SUCKCESSORS is an exhibition about the inner workings of family businesses. It aims to expose the realities of inheriting an enterprise as second-generation owners. The idea of working at home has often been accused as a bourgeoisie easy way out, avoidance of any real-world responsibilities, surrendering one’s autonomy and living in the perpetual shadow of one’s parents. In the age where individualism runs rampant, these stigmas have led many of the successors to desert the business altogether, for better or for worse. The series of work has been created to manifest experiences as inheritors of businesses big and small. The exhibition themes are placed around the misperceptions, the chaos and the unrealised potential of joining a family business.

SUCKCESSORS is a collaboration between ATT 19, Ease Studio, Mo Jirachaisakul and Permaflora who are currently transitioning into second-generation businesses

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