SUBDUED Art Exhibition


Sat 26 January - Thu 28 February 2019

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  • BTS: Saphan Taksin Station

About Warin Lab Contemporary

Working with artists and curators from Thailand and around the world, Warin Lab Contemporary seeks to engage visitors in a discussion about vital social issues on the day, hoping the art stimulates action.

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A design exhibition curated by Rush Pleansuk, a part of Bangkok Design Week and Galleries Night.

Thailand has been known as the center of the sensitive area of the South-East Asian region. We have been under the hard times in domestic and international scales, and finally got through by subduing in our own way. Recently, Thailand has just been through the changing ruling systems, the tension is now constrained at ease once again.

The concepts of Thai power endorsement or either opposing representing has created “Thainess”, the national identity of how Thais handle with the circumstances in the society such as being obedient to the teachers and coping with the neighbors, educational systems, pollution or even political circumstance. Familiarity and endorsement of these conditions have created positive and negative cultural patterns, and lead to strong social structure. In the meantime, it has become the tool of the person in authority who can also use it for his own benefits.

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