Shang Palace’s Classic Mooncake Collection 2019


Mon 1 July - Mon 16 September 2019

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How to get there

  • Drive or taxi to Shangri-La Hotel, parking available
  • Take the Skytrain to Saphan Taksin BTS station and walk to Shangri-La Hotel

About Shang Palace

Feast on a banquet of Cantonese dishes by master chefs at Shang Palace.

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Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok invites you and your families to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with Shang Palace’s classic mooncake collection 2019 with our ever-popular flavours; Mixed Fruits and Nuts, Durian, Lotus Seed, Almond and Black Sesame and mini cream custard.

The classic mooncakes are delicately made and packed in beautiful boxes with design inspired by vibrant silver and gold Siamese fighting fishes that are considered as national aquatic symbol of Thailand for their dignity, empowerment and grace. Meanwhile, red symbolises prosperity, opulence and eternal happiness in Asia, especially in China.

All exquisite mooncakes are available for sale between 1 August and 16 September 2019. Prices start from THB 438 net to THB 1,588 net per box.

Guests may place their orders by calling the Shang Palace’s Mooncake Hotline on (0) 2206 8605 and (0) 22369952 or by sending a fax to (0) 2237 3724. Alternatively, they may send an email to mooncake.slbk@shangri-la.com or purchase online on http://shangbkkmooncake.com from now – 16 September 2019.

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