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  • Exit BTS at Saphan Taksin Station to get to River City Bangkok on complimentary RCB Shuttle boat at every an hour. (Note: As of July 2020, temporarily stopped)

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Asia's premier destination for art, antiques, decor and design.

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Artists: Yunizar, Marina Cruz, Sriwan Janehuttakarnkit, Kristoffer Ardena, Gongkan
Curator: Michela Sena

Opening Reception: 24 September at 4:00PM

Tang Contemporary Art is proud to announce the opening of “Retrospective Utopia,” a group exhibition featuring the works of acclaimed Southeast Asian artists: Yunizar, Marina Cruz, Sriwan Janehuttakarnkit, Kristoffer Ardena and Gongkan. Curated by Michela Sena, the exhibition will be on view at Tang Contemporary Art Bangkok from 24 September – 20 October 2020.

The exhibition evokes the nostalgia of a past era, in which the world was more in sync with nature. Through different techniques and various perspectives, the artists reconstruct this lost world, using art, the most honest way to express, to explore the relationships between humans and their natural existence – their connection to nature and the authentic world.

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