Our PoPula (ra) tion


Wed 13 March - Fri 31 May 2019

10AM - 10PM; Free Entry

How to get there

  • Exit BTS at Saphan Taksin Station to get to River City Bangkok on complimentary RCB Shuttle boat at every an hour. (Note: As of July 2020, temporarily stopped)

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“Our Popula (ra) tion” exhibition

Since Y2K, when the ‘millennium bug’ was predicted to disrupt computer users all over the world on January 1, 2000, attitudes to life have changed. In 2013, Time Magazine labelled it the increase of “Me Me Me” mentality; the Millennial generation who were perceived as lazy, entitled narcissists, who still live with their parents.

The criticism of this by the curator, is that this mode of human behaviour is not limited to this “ME” generation, but includes Baby Boomers (born 1946 to 1964), Generation X (born mid-1960s to early 1980s) and Generation Y (born 1980 to end 1994). Such a rapid change of outlook, attitude and behaviour reflects ongoing issues in our society, such as the influences of the economy, politics, education, religion and social media.

In this exhibition, the works of five artists – Dow Wasiksiri, Kanakorn Kachacheeva, Krit Ngamsom, Tawan Wattuya and Thesis Areepipatkul – are brought together to represent the notion of “Our Popula (ra) tion” – a term coined by combining three words (Pop, Popular and Population). Together their art echos 21st Century attitudes and behaviours influenced by pop aesthetics and a heighten concern for how we look. The exhibition aims to bring to light and to encourage discussion about transformations in our society.  It provides and opportunity for the visitor to reflect upon ourselves as human beings.

Discover from March 13 – May 31 at RCB Galleria on the 2nd floor. Free entry.

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