RCB Film Club


Sat 25 May 2019

4PM - 6PM; Free Entry

How to get there

  • Exit BTS at Saphan Taksin Station to get to River City Bangkok on complimentary RCB Shuttle boat at every an hour. (Note: As of July 2020, temporarily stopped)

About River City Bangkok

Asia's premier destination for art, antiques, decor and design.

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As a part of the ‘Italian Film Festival’ in May, The Chair of Happiness (Italian: La sedia della felicità) is a feel-good comedy film written and directed by Carlo Mazzacurati. A treasure is hidden in a chair. A beautician and a tattoo artist fall in love while looking for it. A mysterious priest is looming over them like a threat. Rivals at first, then allies, the three of them become the protagonists of an incredible adventure between misunderstandings and dramatic twists chased from one place to another.

It’s a free screening with English sub-titles on Saturday May 25th at RCB Forum starting at 4 p.m. Reserve your spot with the email address shown on this page.

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