“RACINES” By Hom Nguyen


Thu 22 August - Tue 15 October 2019

Meet the Artist at the Opening Reception - Must RSVP to Attend

About Galerie Adler

Galerie Adler highlights the talent of South East Asia, championing the region’s artist in their gallery in Creative District.

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"Racines" or "Roots", the latest collections of Hom Nyugen, represents the artistic journey that explores an incomparable and distinct perspective on life.

Hom’s self-challenge to break and bend the rules are as impulsive as his drawing techinques. “I start when it stops and I stop when it starts…” – said Hom to explain that there is no boundary in his art. Everything is connected by the roots, from the man to the world, from subject to an object, and from materials to emotions. The transience of his lines foster the emergence of a genuine emotional experience where barriers fade.

About the artist:
Hom Nguyen started his career in 2011. In a very short time, collectors from all over the world started demanding his pieces. Hom’s work has previously been showcased at international art fairs in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Paris. In Paris, he was named “Favourite Artist of Paris Art Fair 2016.”  He has also held personal exhibitions in Tokyo and Marrakech.

Opening reception is on 22 August at 6:30PM, if you want to attend, please email the gallery using the contact details shown on this page.

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