Mid-Autumn Festival: Legends of the Mooncake


Fri 15 September - Wed 4 October 2017

Every year, people know that the Mid-Autumn Festival is just around the corner when one of its hallmarks makes a return to markets everywhere across the world – the mooncake.

In Bangkok, where a massive Chinese population resides, mooncakes of all flavors and sizes are popping up in stores, especially in those along Chao Phraya River.

As legend has it, the tradition of giving mooncakes to family and friends comes from a Chinese rebellion that overthrew the Mongol dynasty thousands of years ago. At the time, the ruling Mongols prohibited Chinese families from owning weapons. They strictly enforced a rule where, for ten families, only one knife was allowed for cooking.

To carefully coordinate the rebellion without being discovered, the rebel leader secretly hid his instructions inside the mooncakes that were later distributed during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Since the Mongols did not participate in the festivities, the messages were received successfully and the Mongols were overthrown. The instrumental mooncakes became a reminder of their victory.

But there’s another, much more pleasant, bit of folklore – the mooncake’s round shape is simply a symbol of reunion and unity, which is why families buy them as gifts for each other. This Mid-Autumn festival, come down to Bangkok River to get your friends and families these delectable mooncakes from the hotels below.


Shangri-La Hotel: A New Flavor for the Festival

Shangri-La Hotel’s Shang Palace Chinese Restaurant is proud to celebrate the Festival until October 6th with their new Cream Custard Lava Mooncake. Shang Palace is happy to offer a special promotion for their exquisite blue-colored gift boxes, which can fit four, six, or eight mooncakes.

For more information, click here.

Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok: The Classics are Back

For the Festival, Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok is bringing back their classic mooncakes, in four irresistible flavors. Available in boxes of four until October 4th.

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Mandarin Oriental: Promotion on Special Gift Boxes for the Year of the Rooster

Until October 4th, Mandarin Oriental Bangkok is proud to present their signature Mandarin Oriental Mooncakes in four delicious flavours. They also have a special promotion on their Year of the Rooster customizable mooncake boxes.

For more information click here.

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