La Femme


Wed 8 - Sun 26 March 2017

How to get there

  • Ho aboard the free River City shuttle boat

“La Femme”, the first celebration of International Women’s Day with an International Women’s Art Exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand.

Art helps us express our values, builds bridges between cultures and brings us together regardless of ethnicity, religion or age.

“La Femme” is bringing the World to your doorstep. Join us to enjoy the artworks of International and a local artist and to find new angles to enrich life.

The exhibition will feature 8 International artists from 7 countries across 3 continents for the first time in Bangkok. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience first-hand different cultures through the paintings of renowned International women artists.

This is an invitation for you, your family and friends to be part of the Great Asian Art Wave taking place in the World for the last 5 years. It is now a perfect opportunity for Bangkok to establish itself as the leading art city in Southeast Asia, offering art and culture in public spaces to be admired by all. To become a truly an art leading city, it takes the whole community to take part in it.


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