Japanese Design Today 100 Exhibition


Wed 24 April - Sun 26 May 2019

10:30AM - 9:00PM (Closed Mondays); Free Admission

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What is it that makes Japanese design impactful across the globe?

Japan Foundation, in collaboration with Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC) under Creative Economy Agency (Public Organization): CEA, proudly presents the exhibition “Japanese Design Today 100” reflecting Japanese tradition that goes with latest innovation and connects to the digital world. The exhibition charts the course of 100 Japanese products and designs that reveal the characteristics of Japanese design and proposes the society with the creative works that truly understands the user’s need.

After traveling across the globe in the past 10 years, the exhibition “Japanese Design Today 100” was revised by accumulating a series of contemporary products with the classic products created between 1950 – 1990 which is the period that Japanese design influenced the design world. Categorized into 11 groups by its functionality, the exhibition showcasing 89 finest Japanese contemporary designs and 11 creative works that represents the design in this era and reflects the true understanding in material and innovation for Japanese everyday life.

The exhibition is curated by 4 front-line Japanese curators, Hiroshi Kashiwagi, Masafumi Fukagawa whose focus is on designscape, way of life exploration, perspective, culture and contemporary point of view, Noriko Kawagami and Shu Hagiwara who presents the strong relationship of Japanese designer with locality that helps develop the products combining modern technology and local craftsmanship.

The exhibition will start at TCDC Bangkok and then go to TCDC Chiang Mai in the North before traveling to the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts Gallery, Khon Kaen University in the Northeast, significantly marking the ongoing cultural exchanges and cooperation between Thailand and Japan in this Mekong-Japan Exchange Year in 2019. (The full schedule is below.)

Venue: Gallery, 1st Fl., TCDC Bangkok

Curated by:
Hiroshi Kashiwagi (Design Critic, Professor at Musashino Art University)
Masafumi Fukagawa (Curator)
Shu Hagiwara (Design Director)
Noriko Kawakami (Journalist, Associate Director of 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT)

• BANGKOK: Wed 24 April – Sun 26 May 2019 (Closed on Mon and 9 May)
Gallery 1fl. TCDC Bangkok

• CHIANG MAI: Sat 8 June – Sun 30 June 2019 (Closed on Mon)
Exhibition space TCDC Chiang Mai
Opening: Sat 8 June 2019 at 18.00 @ Exhibition space TCDC Chiang Mai, Admission is Free

• KHON KAEN: Fri 12 July – Sun 28 July 2019 (Open everyday except 16-17 July)
Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts Gallery (FAG), Khon Kaen University
Opening: Thur 11 July 2019 at 18.00 @ Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts Gallery (FAG), Khon Kaen University, Admission is Free



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