ICONCRAFT x Bangkok Design Week 2020


Sat 1 - Sun 9 February 2020

4th and 5th Floors of ICONSIAM

How to get there

  • Take the BTS train to Saphan Taksin BTS Station.
  • Head to Sathorn Pier via Saphan Taksin BTS Station Exit 2.
  • Take the ICONSIAM free shuttle boat available 9:00 am – 11:00 pm daily every 10 minutes.


ICONCRAFT features Thai craft made by locals who have taken inspiration from traditional methods and use them to create modern products suitable for the cosmopolitan Bangkokian.

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ICONSIAM, in collaboration with the National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT) and Bangkok Design Week 2020, has organized “ICONCRAFT x Bangkok Design Week 2020” under the concept of “The Color of Thais - Pha Khao Ma: The Colorful Magic of Thai Way of Life”.

This special event featrues the designs of pha khao ma in creative twists by Thai and international artists namely Namfon Laistrooglai, Chalit Nakpawan, Saran Yenpanya, Chaichon Sawantrat and Peter Pilgrim. The exhibition also presents a history of pha khao ma and the characteristics of patterns produced by different communities in 17 provinces such as the checkered pattern, little checkered style, sai pla lai pattern, and ta moo design. Another highlight is an art installation primarily made from pha khao ma fabric in applied and innovative ways that promises to become a hot photo spot. Workshops on how to make a brooch from pha khao ma, and how to screen the checkered pattern are also held. Shoppers should not miss to visit the pop-up stores selling a variety of products fashioned from pha khao ma ranging from clothes, accessories to home decorative items.

“Pha khao ma” came from the Persian term “kamar band”. “Kamar” refers to waist and “band” means wrapping, therefore the meaning of “karmar band” is a wrap-around cloth. Pha khao ma or sometimes is called “pha kien aew” is a multi-purpose fabric that has been used by Thai people for centuries. Thanks to its multifunctional properties, pha khao ma can be used for toweling, wiping, wearing around a head, covering to protect the sun, and even making a cradle. Pha khao ma is a rectangular fabric woven in checkered patterns of different color shades. Though the little colorful checkered pattern is most popular, the one with plain color in the same size of fabric is still called pha khao ma. Colors and patterns are varied according to each region’s popularity. The classic pattern has vertical and horizontal lines of squares of colors in equal sizes. In the Central region, the checkered pattern normally comes in large size that is contrast to those of the Northeastern part that the little alternating squares of colors are more popular.

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