Home-Made Organic Custard Mooncake


Sun 1 August - Tue 21 September 2021

About The Peninsula Bangkok

The Peninsula Bangkok’s unique architecture has an extremely wonderful benefit to every single one of its guests – the building, shaped like a W, allows every single room to have a view of the river.

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The Peninsula Bangkok makes the Mid-Autumn Festival a gourmet family celebration and brings back happy memories with a delicious twist on the legendary Peninsula Egg Custard Mooncakes.

Hand-crafted in the Mei Jiang kitchen, each exquisite mooncake is prepared with sustainably sourced organic ingredients, such as rich, creamy organic milk sourced from dairy cows in Nakhon Ratchasima province, which are fed organic grass that is high in Omega-3. Organic butter is produced from the same nourishing milk. The Mei Jiang chefs also use organic eggs from free-range hens, organic flour and organic custard powder to create a flavourful sensation with pleasure in every mooncake bite.

An eight-piece Egg Custard Mooncake set is presented in auspicious red with an elegantly designed octagonal gift box that features a lotus-flower motif, which is a timeless symbol of the Mid-Autumn Festival. The mooncakes are sold in boxes of eight as the Chinese word for “eight” sounds similar to the words meaning “prosperity” and “good fortune”, which are popular good wishes exchanged between family, friends and colleagues during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Not only beautifully presented, the container has been created from biodegradable and sustainable materials.

This year, our organic mooncakes are available in two sizes:
• One-piece box at THB 288 net per box
• Eight-piece box at THB 888 net per box

Available for pre-order from now onwards and for purchase starting from 1 August to 21 September 2021.

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