World War II Posters from the Soviet Union


Wed 9 June - Mon 9 August 2021

How to get there

  • Exit BTS at Saphan Taksin Station to get to River City Bangkok on complimentary RCB Shuttle boat at every an hour. (Note: As of July 2020, temporarily stopped)

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This exhibition pays an homage to the 80th anniversary of the start of the Great Patriotic war (1941 – 1945) through the propaganda posters created at the wartime to bombard public opinion with a negative image of the enemy and arouse wrath, hatred of the conquerors, and at the same time cultivate love for the homeland, which must be defended. Artists of that time created stately, dramatic images, accompanying their works with apt phrases that stick in the memory. Such artists as Viktor Koretsky, Nikolai Zhukov, Dmitry Moor, Viktor Deni, Alexei Kokorekin, Viktor Ivanov, the group of artists Kukryniksy, and the group of artists Okna TASS worked in this genre.

Venue: Room 182, 1st floor, River City Bangkok

Free Admission

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