Floral Master Classes


Mon 1 March - Fri 30 April 2021

Monday to Saturday: 1:00pm to 3:30pm

About Heliconia Bangkok

Heliconia Bangkok grows roots in Creative District, unleashing its floral design specialists upon Bangkok.

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Beyond floral creations and lifestyle luxuries, you can look forward to participating in intimate classes and workshops where we will share our floristry knowledge and more. We are delighted to share our floral passions with those of you who love to be around nature’s creations.

Whether you are beginning your journey into floral design or a seasoned enthusiast, Heliconia Bangkok offers a variety of classes and programs designed to teach you the most contemporary designs, the best floristry practices, proven techniques and necessary skills for creating amazing floral arrangements.

Join our Floral Master Class where you’ll be guided by our Creative Director, Khun Michael Pritchard, and trained Heliconia floral designers to create the perfect tropical arrangements. Learn 4 floral arrangements in a 2,5-hour class at our Heliconia Bangkok Gallery.

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