How to get there

  • Drive to Mandarin Oriental, parking available
  • Hop aboard the Mandarin Oriental shuttle boat at Sathorn Pier

About The Bamboo Bar

The Bamboo Bar is a historical landmark that has been serving innovative drinks since 1953. Its old ways are felt through excellent service, quality menu, and smooth live music.

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The Bamboo Bar is pleased to welcome Fabrizio Scotti Trio for a one-evening performance as part of our popular Italian Jazz Series.

Fabrizio Sotti’s career forged into a fascinating dichotomy between working with some of today’s top jazz musicians (he produced for the Grammy-winning vocalist Cassandra Wilson), writing and producing for superstar hip-hop and pop artists. On the jazz side, with his latest trio project, with top New Yorker musicians (Peter Slavov, Clarence Penn) Sotti paints a dynamic sonic picture that presents him as not just an extraordinary and innovative improviser, but as the harbinger of unique and distinctive sound that is completely his own.

The show starts at 9pm. Entrance fee is complimentary and on a first-come, first-served basis

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