EAT | DRINK | LOVE – Celebrating Life


Fri 18 December 2020 - Sun 28 March 2021

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EAT | DRINK | LOVE – Celebrating Life by Nino Sarabutra

The artist herself a big fan of fun. Like many Thais, she can always spot joy in small things or big circumstances. Her work focus on human emotions and the beauty of being alive. This exhibition brings together 3 installations that explore this concept.

‘My work is a reflection of what I think about life and being alive. With our mundane life, we can forget to look and appreciate what we have. I want to remind myself and my audience that we should live life and enjoying all its different aspects. We should not take life too seriously. We should make today wonderful and celebrate it because we can.’

EAT | DRINK | LOVE – Celebrating Life, the artist showcase of 199 hearts, 365 illuminated drink bottles, 4000 flying butterflies, and on the 12-meter-long dining table set ready for a celebratory dinner, Nino’s ‘Black Ripple’ dining series.

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