Donut Fear: Do Not Fear


Sat 7 August - Sun 12 September 2021

Due to government regulations, the exhibition will be presented online

How to get there

  • Take BTS Skytrain to Saphan Taksin BTS Station.
  • Walk 5 minutes to Sathorn Pier and board a Chao Phraya Express Boat to Si Phaya Pier (N3).
  • Walk 10 minutes to River City Bangkok.

About Tang Contemporary Art

Trailblazing gallery Tang Contemporary Art ushers the most dynamic exhibitions to the Creative District in Bangkok.

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Tang Contemporary Art is proud to present “Donut Fear”, the solo exhibition by Jae Yong Kim, curated by Yonni Park, at Tang Contemporary Art’s Bangkok space.

Notice: Due to current government regulations, the exhibition will be presented mostly online via their Facebook page (@TangContemporaryArtBangkok).

Dip a well-baked ceramic donut into glossy cream made of luster glaze, and decorate it with fancy Swarovski crystals to add a sense of volume. This will result in the unique donut of Jae Yong Kim. Don’t worry about not finding a donut of your taste. Hanging on the walls, a variety of donuts in different shapes, patterns, colors and crystals will be waiting for you, each expressing its distinctive character.

Looking at the fully crowded cluster of donuts, it seems as if they are expressing the inner sides of contemporary people, themselves composed of various donuts. Viewers will therefore find single donuts of their tastes from all those hanging. One may find love, and another may find happiness — should they so desire — by looking at the numerous donuts.

It is possible to wonder why Kim created so many donuts. It all has to do with the exhibition title: DONUT FEAR, born from the similarity in pronunciation to DO NOT FEAR and encompassing the directivity of Kim’s art activities. Kim is red–green color blind and would often deliberately use dark colors, avoiding vibrancy in his works. He even had to go to the US to study art because it was difficult for him to enter an art college in Korea due to his condition.

Kim views each and every donut like an entry in a journal, “In whatever form troubles or opportunities show up in one’s life, his/her body, mind and work should be prepared to seize it. The most important elements in the process are amusing work, empathy and communication.”

For Kim, his donuts carry his preparations and aspirations to overcome fear and move forward with a smile and loving heart. Celebrating his special exhibition in Thailand, Kim plans to premiere new yellow donuts that took their motifs from the Leelawadee, a flower that resembles Thailand’s bright colors, and the golden rain tree, Thailand’s national flower. In addition, he also expressed Thailand’s burning passion and climate in his two new works titled Devil Donut is Hot!! and Bubble Donut is Hot! by including fire patterns on cold stainless-steel surfaces. Together with these new works, it is hoped that the exhibition will allow viewers to feel the desires of contemporary people through Kim’s art and his ambition as an artist to move forward from the works themselves.

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