Distinictive Cocktails with Guest Bartender Arijit Bose


Sun 5 August 2018

9PM - 12AM

How to get there

  • Drive to Mandarin Oriental, parking available
  • Hop aboard the Mandarin Oriental shuttle boat at Sathorn Pier

About The Bamboo Bar

The Bamboo Bar is a historical landmark that has been serving innovative drinks since 1953. Its old ways are felt through excellent service, quality menu, and smooth live music.

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The renowned bartender Arijit Bose founded two of New Delhi’s hottest cocktail bars, Getafix and The Delhi Cocktail Club, before being tapped as a Bacardi brand ambassador for all of India.

He later moved to Singapore, where he served as a head bartender at 28 Hong Kong Street, which was ranked the No 7 bar in the region by Asia’s 50 Best Bars in 2015. Arijit was also a brand ambassador in Asia-Pacific for the premium Monkey 47 gin, which hails from the Black Forest region in Germany.

The Mandarin Oriental invites you to enjoy a selection of Arijit’s distinctive cocktails at the legendary Bamboo Bar.

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