Crossing the Appearances


Thu 5 April - Sun 6 May 2018

11 AM – 8 PM

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About The Jam Factory

The Jam Factory is a café, a homeware store, a gallery, a restaurant, a bookshop, and an office, all in one on the river.

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I lived in these African towns.

At the time, I took advantage of the light and the colours of these countries which illuminated my world, to take snapshots. I created this series with a half-frame 35mm camera which allowed me to juxtapose two images, separated by a black line.

This black line is not a concept created through montage, it’s a naturally occurring part of the film, the photos follow each other in a random fashion, two moments, two instant shots, only one image, which lead to numerous stories, for us to imagine.

CROSSING THE APPEARANCES Photography Exhibition by Deborah Metsch
Journeys l Stories
1997 l 2018

Opening party on 5 April, 7pm onwards.
at The Jam Factory Gallery
“Presenting today, Gathers part of the work from 1997 on.
In Africa
In Vietnam
On the islands
With my daughters Tal and Dona.”

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