Chen Yufan Solo Exhibition


Mon 18 May - Sun 7 June 2020

Tang Contemporary Art Bangkok Space, Room. 201 - 206 River City Bangkok

How to get there

  • Take BTS Skytrain to Saphan Taksin BTS Station.
  • Walk 5 minutes to Sathorn Pier and board a Chao Phraya Express Boat to Si Phaya Pier (N3).
  • Walk 10 minutes to River City Bangkok.

About Tang Contemporary Art

Trailblazing gallery Tang Contemporary Art ushers the most dynamic exhibitions to the Creative District in Bangkok.

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Tang Contemporary Art is proud to present a major solo exhibition for Chen Yufan.

This exhibition is an important overview of Chen’s work over many years and over the course of his career, highlighting
both his classic works as well as his more recent mixed media and installation works. Some notable pieces
showcased will include Becoming One, Derivative, Real Facade, Ideal Place, Cut Landscape, Imprecise Landscape, Thrown into the Sky, 3998, and Source, which reflect the artist’s multi-layered visual and spiritual realms – transforming form to medium, concept to method, and material to space.

Subtle observations and perceptual experiences of constant changes and shifts in time and space from Chen’s environments, are sources for the artist’s work. While Chen was born in Putian, Fujian, he studied in Fuzhou, and then later worked in Hangzhou and Shanghai. Through his journey, changes in time and space were not only regional concepts, but these changes are also influenced by history, real structures, and cultural demands from his surroundings. As a result, Chen has experienced and observed his own evolution: “This space is not simply physical, it is more of a psychological migration. The dimensions of physical space cannot be changed, but we can attempt to change our own mental and spiritual spaces.”

Continuing the admixture of time and space, the forms of Chen Yufan’s works are three-dimensional yet variable—his two-dimensional paintings and his installations have an intrinsic connection. The migrations of the colors, points, and lines on the plane become ways of changing space and time. Continuing time gives forms volume and weight in space, and space is no longer a flat image; it is a physical presence.

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