Bruno Tanquerel


Wed 16 December 2020 - Sun 10 January 2021

How to get there

  • Make your way to River City Bangkok by car, boat or train (MRT Hua Lamphong)

Bruno Tanquerel’s artwork is filled with the unexpected, vibrations and rhythmic movement. The effect is cumulative. For all of his references to conceptualism, he has always been grounded in French intellectualism and traditions, (think Marcel Duchamp). Like Duchamp, he understands the specifies of matter and materials, of whey that signify as well as what they can do. Playful, useless objects seen in a new light can redefine perceptions and take on new meanings.

Tanquerel’s travels between France and Sort East Asia have had a major influence on his work. He portrays shifting attitudes in painting, sculpture, politics and social mores with an omnipresent eye of both explorer and guide. He uses a variety of mediums: sculpture, found objects, photography. performance, architecture, painting, video and installation to stitch together a cultural narrative, both personal and societal.

Tanquerel’s career as in artist have created a body of works that are open-minded, mysterious, literary, stimulating and visceral.

– David Jacobson

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