Bangkok Biennial


Sun 1 July - Sun 30 September 2018

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About Creative District

Bangkok's blooming Creative District is set to be the center of creative Bangkokians' universe.

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Bangkok Biennial is the first festival of contemporary art in Thailand.

This event is a city-wide art exhibition which follows a model of autonomous pavilions and will showcase work from around the globe. There is a collection of pavilions around the Creative District and around Bangkok River called “Neighborhood Pavillion.” Part treasure hunt, part self-guided walking tour, the Pavilion has published a map and suggested a walking route that takes in local street art, sculptures, installations and other curious spaces for you to discover. The suggested walking route will should take 2-3 hours to complete.

The printed maps can be found at Bangkok Art & Culture Centre (BACC), Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC), Jam Cafe (Sathorn) and other Bangkok Biennial venues. For a Google Maps version of the map, click here.

About Bangkok Biennial:
The Bangkok Biennial has been set up as a challenge to the ‘authority’ of institutionalized access to representation in art and curatorial practices. It offers an open-source platform: a level playing field for creative experimentation and social installation which chooses a model of inclusivity in contrast to top-down art economics.

By engaging with the well-understood city-based ‘biennial/biennale’’ format, the Bangkok Biennial explodes many of the inherent assumptions; in an effort towards decentralization, the Bangkok Biennial has no central curators, no dispersion of resources and even does not take place only in the city of Bangkok. It is an ‘open-access’ event. A pavilion can be built by anyone who is able to do so. The nature of each pavilion will be determined by the instigator of that pavilion and the nature of the biennial will be determined by the sum of all pavilions. There is no main curator of the event. Each of the pavilions that make up Bangkok Biennial is self-conceived, managed and curated.

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