How to get there

  • Drive or taxi to Mandarin Oriental, parking available
  • Hop aboard the Mandarin Oriental shuttle boat at Sathorn Pier

About The China House

The China House is where Chinese flavours are served in a 1930s Shanghai setting. Enjoy traditional and contemporary dishes in a stunning setting.

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Chinese has been studying and explored the recipes of food with immense enthusiasm for over thousands years.

Chef Mai brings you the genuine Chinese food with amazing food ingredients from South to North of China. To go through Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Spicy and Salted, a rapid impact on the taste of ascension, wake up your taste buds and bring you to another horizon of Chinese food.

From the Salted-Tibetan Black Pork Ham, Yunnan Black Truffle Gel with Lijiang Supreme Caviar, Changbai Mountain Matsutake, to the long lost incredible traditional charcoal cook “Sugar Heart” Dry Abalone.

The China House is delighted to welcome the “Prince of Abalone” and a Master of Cantonese cuisine, Chef Guangfan Mai, whose exquisite culinary creations highlight the best ingredients from the different regions of China, with a particular focus on organic products and sustainability at “The China House” for a 8 courses set dinner served from 26 to 29 June 18.

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