How to get there

  • Hop on the orange flag ferry to Pier 3 (15 baht) to Si Phraya Pier.
  • Walk from Si Phraya Pier past River City to Soy Sauce Factory.


A “Creativities Unfold” symposium by Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC):

Charoenkrung is considered the first proper road in Bangkok. This historic area is a unique mix of the old and new, local community and tourist attraction, as well as traditional shops and galleries/art space. A collaboration between local galleries and art space, Charoenkrung Art District seeks to build the synergy for the art and artistic lifestyle that attracts city dwellers — both local and expats. Activities, such as Silom/Charoenkrung Gallery Hopping held every two months, offer the diversity of fine art, jewelry art, installation, and more to help bridge the gap between art and everyday life.

In this intimate session, Charoenkrung Art District – led by Atta Gallery, Bridge Café & Art Space, Jam, Serendia Gallery, and Speedy Grandma – will hold an experience sharing discussion session which gives holistic insights into creative ecology through the story of the landing of art communities and galleries in the Charoenkrung area. The session will walk you through the behind the scene stories from pre-establishment of the gallery, maintaining the business, co-existence within the art communities, and also how their settlement has impacted the local communities of Charoenkrung

** (Conducted in English)

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