Discovering how Bangkok Blossomed

The Bang Rak area, aka the Charoen Krung Creative District, boasts not only the new Thailand Creative and Design Centre at the old Post Office, Warehouse 30 and other art galleries in small alleys but also many cultural attractions and eateries.

Just the close vicinity of the Bang Rak Fresh Market alone is outstanding with three shrines, several Buddhist temples, well-known restaurants, old-style grocery stores and a former popular cinema. Within walking distance from the fresh market where tourists can browse and buy fresh ingredients, they can also learn about local livelihoods at various sightseeing stops, such as observing or trying garland-making at a shophouse near the old Prince Theatre, or sipping herbal tea at the 88-year-old Yan Wo Yun sauce and grocery shop or at Hua Tuo Bitter Drink shop which was established in 1931.

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