Bangkok’s Best Day Trips

Bang Krachao
One hour from city center
“Bangkok’s ‘green lung’ is a protected wetlands area in Phra Pradaeng, on the other side of the Chao Phraya river from the glitzy malls of Sukhumvit. You can take your own bike across on the ferry from the Bangkok Port — where the cargo ships come in — or just rent a bike from the pier on the other side. Be sure to explore the botanical park and old banana and coconut orchards lining the narrow wood walkways. Parts of it look like the Amazon, and yet you’re literally a ten-minute bike ride and five-minute ferry ride from the Emporium mall. The market there is touristy, but it’s for Thai tourists. They’re super fussy about good food, so everything is excellent, especially the old-fashioned Thai puddings, which are usually made from coconut, palm sugar, and rice flour, with a floral scent and natural coloring from pandan leaves or flowers. Ta go is very good, too; it’s pandan jelly with coconut cream on top in a pandan leaf cup.” —Ing Kanjanavanit, director of the controversial film Shakespeare Must Die and co-founder of gallery/movie theater Cinema Oasis

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