Bangkok Art Biennale 2018:

Bangkok Art Biennale 2018 brings together international and local artists this October

After Venice, Istanbul, Berlin and even Singapore, Bangkok joins the list of cities upping their artistic ante. Curating works from 75 artists from 33 countries, the Thai capital joins the biennale bandwagon with not one, but two biennales: Bangkok Art Biennale (BAB) – backed by Thailand’s Ministry of Tourism and Sports – as well as Bangkok Biennal, a more ground-up and alternative initiative. BAB’s theme of ‘Beyond Bliss’ couldn’t be more apt, where it will explore positivity among the current issues faced in the world.

“We live in a present state of fear, protest and delusion,” said chief executive and artistic director of BAB Dr. Apinan Poshyananda. “We invite our selected artists to comment on this lack of bliss, which has been created due to political clashes, disease, pollution and migration. Bliss is a temporary and ephemeral experience, our artists will seek to interpret and capture different variants and intensity.”

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