Stroll the hotel lobby or venture onto the bustling streets – you’ll find riches and treasures from near and far. Galleries filled with antiques or contemporary art, Thai handcrafts and jewelry laden with gems, local fashion and luxury brands for a memento of your visit or a spontaneous gift for a loved one.


Phone: +66 2 861 0950

ANYROOM at The Jam Factory is a designer enthusiast’s paradise. Exclusive homewares abound.


Asiatique Night Market

Phone: +66 2 108 4488

Asiatique is a classic example of warehouse resurrection and retrofitting for nightlife.

Atta Gallery Hop Art Bang Rak

ATTA Gallery

Phone: +66 2 234 6422

If you are looking to adorn yourself with head-turning jewelry, look no further, this is the place for you.

Bridge Cafe Gallery Hop Bang Rak art


Phone: +66 86 986 9421

At Bridge, you can find plenty of things to do so be prepared to linger.


H Gallery

Phone: +66 85 021 5508

Established in 2002, H Gallery is well respected and considered to be one of Bangkok’s leading galleries in contemporary art.



Phone: +66 2 118 2211

ICONSIAM is a sensational new riverside landmark development where the best of Thailand meets the best of the world.

Jam Cafe Bang Rak Gallery Hop Art


Phone: + 66 89 889 8059

JAM often pushes the envelope in its exhibitions and displays.

Kathmandu Gallery art hop Bang Rak

Kathmandu Photo Gallery

Phone: +66 2 234 6700

Like going into someone’s home to view their private collection, a visit to this gallery will have you learn something personal and new.


O.P. Garden

Phone: +662-235-8865, +662-266-0186

O.P. Garden is a green oasis in the middle of the Creative District that pays homage to Dr. Boonsoong Lekagul.


O.P. Place

Phone: 02 266 0186

O.P. Place is a historical landmark that befittingly acts as an antique hub.

P.Tendercool bespoke furniture studio Bang Rak Art Hop

P. Tendercool

Phone: +66 2 266 4344

Tables by P. Tendercool: Usable art. One-of-a-kind. Custom-made.


River City Bangkok

Phone: +66 2 237 0077

Antiques and art shops mixed with tour services and riverfront restaurants galore at River City.

Serindia Gallery Hop Art Bang Rak

Serindia Gallery

Phone: +66 2 238 6410

An art temple dedicated to artists whose works are to be meditated upon.

Soy Sauce Factory Bang Rak Art hop

Soy Sauce Factory

Phone: +66 61 835 6824

Created to promote various art forms, the clever arrangement within Soy Sauce Factory seems primed for connecting people.

Speedy Grandma Gallery Hop Art Bang Rak

Speedy Grandma

Phone: + 66 89 508 3859 , +66 81 100 5154

With a name like that, you know it is bound to be fun and quirky.


Tha Maharaj

Phone: +66 2 024 1393

An open-air riverfront retail space that inherits the architectural beauty of the old shophouses it restored.

Thai Home Industries Thai craft store

Thai Home Industries

Phone: +66 2 234 1736

A very original and unique Thai store whose craft work creates long lasting remembrance.

The Jam Factory gallery hop art

The Jam Factory

Phone: +66 2 861 0953

A café, a warehouse, a gallery, a restaurant, a bookshop, and an office, all in one on the river.


Warehouse 30

Phone: +66 2 861 0953

The newest community space on the river from the people of The Jam Factory.


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