Sampeng Lane

Operating Hours

8:00 am – 6:00 pm

Sampeng Lane is the birthplace of Bangkok’s Chinatown. Around the 1700s, Chinese immigrants looking for a better life established their community here and evolved it into the historical place it is today.

The market lane, built such a long time ago, is so narrow that cars cannot go through it. Might as well be that way because pedestrians today have the pleasure of strolling through it and experiencing it in their own time. Be prepared to feast your eyes on colorful knick knacks and household items. Anything you can think of, you can probably find it here if you look hard enough.

As for remnants of history? Just look at the buildings and certain businesses. Original shophouses still contain businesses that have lasted decades. Old Chinese pharmacies in particular seem to thrive here. If reality is not enough, just close your eyes, imagine hard and you might hear the clamor of opium dens and gambling houses that used dot this lane.

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