Phra Chan Market

Operating Hours

7:00 am – 5:00 pm

Many travelers to Bangkok often have the same story: “I was visiting the Grand Palace area and wandering when I was suddenly drawn to this market.”

Fortune of a convenient location or amulets sending out vibes? We will never know but Phra Chan market provides a curious insight into the superstitious side of Thai Buddhism. Buddhist amulets are the main attraction of the market and many will swear by them. “This one will help your business. That one will protect you from malevolent spirits. Those over there will bless you with a long life.” It is no wonder you can observe some people with several amulets hanging from their necks.

If you want to make your trip interesting, search out the most expensive amulets and ask vendors why they are priced that way. The age and origin of some of these amulets will fascinate you. And if you walk around long enough, you might stumble upon an alleyway covered by a plexiglass awning. A person or two here might beckon you to come sit with them for a while to pierce the veil of the future. For a price, these fortune tellers will help you see the road ahead.

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