French St. Bar

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11:00 am - 11:00 pm

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  • Creative District
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Start the nightlife with cocktails at a creative French cuisine from Provence comes to OP Garden's hidden green oasis

Michelin trained chef, Chef Frederic Guerin, has opened a non-traditional French Restaurant to celebrate the cuisine from the province of his birth – Provence in the South of France.

The décor is light, rustic and floral. The atmosphere casual – with the lightness of the cuisine a perfect compliment to the warm temperatures of Bangkok, as they are also in the South of France, and the light that inspired impressionist painters who made Provence their home.

The menu features a total of 46 authentic Provençal dishes divided up into sections such as Basics, Crudo, From The Garden, From The Farm, From My Neighbour, Summer Fishing Sundays and Sugar Rush, all designed to display the spirit of the experience and the warm, lifestyle vibe of Provence. It is highlighted by Squid Ink Croquette, Red Snapper Crudo, Marseille Fish Soup, Nougat Glace and Lamb Papillote, a piece of table theatre sure to delight guests as a paper cover of the steamed dish is opened in front of diners with aromatic aromas of fresh herbs wafting over the table.

There are few rules that stem the free-flowing creativity of the concept and culinary ingenuity. Only one is very strict. No table cloths are allowed.

Chef Guerin explains, “We are telling the truth and being sincere. This is what we want to share. We want to bring the culture of Provence to Bangkok – a culinary lifestyle that I grew up with where my mother would use whatever was available from the markets and farms around us and create according to the seasons. It is wholesome, comfortable and very much from homemade traditions.”

At Charoenkrung, French St. is nestled in the green courtyard of O.P. Garden located in the Creative District, shielded from the bustle of the city. The calming oasis lets you enjoy your meal in serenity, sometimes accompanied by live music. Swing by the art galleries, ATTA gallery and Serindia, next door before and after your meal.

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